Sushi 🍣 26 🐲 he/they

Hello, my name is Sushi!

I'm a professional game developer with a background in journalism and videography. I dabble in both the creative and the technical.

Sometimes I tweet about dragons, and sometimes I stream on Twitch as a Vtuber!

If you need to get in touch, the best way to do so is on Twitter!

🔴📡 Sushi Live:

I stream nearly EVERY DAY on Twitch! Usually starting sometime between 21:00 and 22:00 BST. Come hang out!

You can also check out my VOD archive over on YouTube!
If you enjoy what I do and you're feeling generous I have a Ko-Fi page set-up. Any support is very much appreciated!

✈️ Conventions:

» Confuzzled 2019
» Eurofurence 25
» NFC 2020
» Confuzzled 2020
» Eurofurence 26
» Flüüfff 2020

💬 Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I add you on Telegram/Discord?
A: Only if we're mutuals on Twitter! Send me a DM.

Q: I've seen you somewhere online that isn't mentioned here. How come?
A: Beware of impersonators! If a site/service isn't listed on this website I do not use it. I am not in any Telegram groups or big Discord servers.

Q: What happened to your game?
A: In short - I overworked myself, and had a big burnout. The Patreon was shut down, and everyone was refunded. Development is on hold for now, but I intend to return to the project one day when I'm ready.