Sushi 🍣 27 🐲 he/they

Hello, my name is Sushi!

I'm a professional e-dragon, with a background in games development, journalism, television, and so much more. I dabble in both the creative and the technical, and love new challenges.

These days, I'm lucky enough to be a full-time streamer and partner on Come watch!

You might also know me from my dragon tweets!

🔴📡 Sushi Live:

I stream four days a week on Twitch! Take a look at my schedule to see times localised to you.

If you like games and cute fluffy dragons, consider following!

🔥🐉 Sushi Live Discord:

Want a friendly place to hang out in between streams?
Join the official Sushi Live Discord server! 18+ ONLY!
It's a space that is warm, mature, and queer as hell.

✈️ Conventions:

» NordicFuzzCon 23
22th-26th February
Malmö, Sweden

💬 Frequently asked questions:

Q: Was that you I met on VRC/Discord/Telegram?
No! Beware of impersonators. I don't play online games, nor am I in any big Discord/Telegram servers.

Q: What happened to your game?
In short: I overworked myself, and had a big burnout. The project never became viable with the level of support it received, and so I couldn't make ends meet.
I shut down the Patreon, and everyone was refunded.

The game is no longer in active development, and is NOT available for purchase/download. While I appreciate the enthusiasm for my work, please do not contact me further about this.